Banking (New CEO)

New CEO wanted to immediately understand where, why, and how the organization would meet his stretch goals. 

After his appointment to lead a major financial institution, a new CEO wanted immediately to understand the depth and breadth of his management team. MAP focused "align to execute" processes not only on the strengths of the teams he invited to participate, but also on their openness to change, their willingness to take risk, their ability to “see the unseen.”

MAP engaged with a total of 120 executives in five countries. We discovered that, irrespective of performance and potential, all the country teams had become extraordinarily protective of "turf"--among individuals, between offices, even from the previous CEO.

Subsequently the new CEO made changes to his key teams based on both the measured "Success Factors" and on this documented discovery. He established a targeted, well-received program to executee and used our metrics to compose cadres of mutually reinforcing strengths. The detailed case study of this engagement demonstrates the results in efficiency and morale.