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Managing The Dragon. 2018 China Predictions.
In analyzing the events of 2017, it strikes Managing The Dragon (MTD) that many of the key variables surrounding China were interrelated to a degree that they have not been in years past. The independent variable in the equation seems to be the unexpected strength in China’s exports to the United States last year, which then had a knock-on effect on other variables.
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Challenges Of Introducing Artificial Intelligence In Industrial Settings
Andrew Ng, Computer Science professor at Stanford and one of the leading lights in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been quoted as saying "Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity". The implication is that this technology will leave almost no industry unchanged and the transformative effects of AI could be felt fordecades to come.
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Announcing a new Podcast Series on China with Jack Perkowski, Founder and Managing Partner of JFP Holdings.

We are pleased to announce the initiation of a NEW PODCAST series: Managing the Dragon: Demystifying China.

As a result of our twenty-five years of doing business in China, the JFP Holdings team has gained a unique perspective on the country. To enable others to benefit from our experience, Managing the Dragon, How I’m Building A Billion Dollar Business in China, was published in 2008. Along with the book, which discusses the key lessons learned, we started a blog with the same name to create a continuing dialogue on important events as they unfold in the country. Since then, we have published hundreds of articles on China, covering topics ranging from the environment, mergers and acquisitions and the stock market, to electric vehicles, connectivity and China's auto industry.

Many of our followers like the convenience of listening to podcasts as they commute to work and go about their daily activities, so we have added thenew podcast series as a complement to the blog. Like the book and the blog, the podcasts will cover the key lessons learned from twenty-five years of building businesses in China, as well as provide background and analysis on topical issues.

Given the overriding importance of the current Trade War between China and the United States, we have devoted two of our first three podcasts to this pivotal issue. The first provides important background on the dispute, while the second describes where negotiations stand today. The background and analysis which they provide will help you to put in context President Trump's meeting later this month with President Xi where tariffs will undoubtedly be a key topic for discussion.

The third podcast that we have just released deals with China's different (and lower) cost perspective - one of the key takeaways from my early years in the country and a necessary lesson for anyone looking to break into the China market.

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We hope that you enjoy the podcasts and the updates from JFP Holdings. We also hope that you will share the links with your friends and others who might enjoy listening in.

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