MAP Difference

MAP's specialized role in management consulting is one of strategic alignment.

We provide the measurements, comparisons, and action recommendations that enable top decision-makers of large enterprises to anticipate how their top teams and BUs will perform when expected to excel in unfamiliar environments.

Track records and current abilities may be known intimately. But to what degree will leaders, business units, and overseas offices meet different expectations once circumstances change? MAP offers the proven capacity to predict performance, and to then rapidly align teams and BUs with the shifting operations and strategy that accompany altered settings.

Our discipline is one of scale, speed, measurement, and intense global experience. The findings behind MAP’s solutions otherwise take complex organizations many months, or years, to uncover - amid distraction, delay, and risk of imprecision.

We maximize corporate execution during:

  • Post-merger integration
  • Hyper expansion
  • Sudden market opportunities
  • Organizational streamlining
  • Different management or changes in culture
  • New competition
  • Taking the enterprise “to the next level”

Tangible results include:

  • Higher levels of purposeful interaction among leadership cadres
  • Honing “A-teams” while overcoming obstacles to mutual support
  • Sourcing innovation
  • Vigorously meeting customer needs
  • Continuous improvement of business processes
  • Alignment to execute - all at the same time

Only From MAP

Scalable Methods. MAP methods are completely scalable. They apply as readily to hundreds of participants as to a dozen. Engagements last no more than four to twelve weeks at most, depending on the scope of work.

Proprietary Software. We use the MAP software that Harvard Business Review concludes is the only validated, efficient means of revealing “deep smarts” and fast judgment. The client company can retain MAP models - and MAP simulation software - after the engagement.

Rigorous Processes. The value we provide is additionally demonstrated by MAP's ongoing work with special operations (commando) forces, which also demand rigorous, anticipatory processes for elite performance.

Global Experience. MAP consultants are as experienced in strategy and in operations as they are in determining the future performance of top teams.

Exclusive Focus. MAP does not undertake executive search, as do some of our competitors. The conflicts of interest that pervade this field therefore are avoided. MAP focuses exclusively on strategic alignment and on the more effective execution that follows.

Thought Leader. MAP is the thought leader in this discipline, as evidenced by a business literature on Leadership & Strategy from publishers such as MIT, Princeton, Brookings, and Time Warner.

Deliverables include:

  • MAP Solutions Report and Action Recommendations
  • MAP Team Analyses
  • MAP Internal Market Research Findings
  • Personal Feedback
  • Follow-Through and Implementation
  • Client Can Retain Proprietary Alpha Leadership Software
  • Upon delivery of analysis, we assist/support our clients implementing efficiently the findings to ensure that the enterprise benefit from the project.
Align to Execute