MAP Method

How rigorous processes enable precise execution.

Step One

MAP consultants enter into Questions & Answers with a CEO, COO, CFO, division president, and/or head of strategy to determine the nuanced success factors in the enterprise. How is top performance to be defined? What are the vital talents and temperaments required of team members to meet new expectations? These inquiries add to our own research.

Step Two

MAP templates introduce the process to participating executives, and economically collate the broader range of background information. Friendly, approachable initiatives assure the "buy-in" and enthusiasm of participants.

Step Three

Each participant experiences 30-minutes of MAP's online simulations followed by interviews. Two interviews are conducted with two different MAP consultants several days apart, lasting three hours each. The focus is on team-fit as aligned with operations and strategy.

Step Four

The two MAP consultants who have conducted separate interviews then reach a scored consensus (1-7). They compare their results and the metrics from the simulations and from benchmarking. Evaluations for participants - e.g., of team members - are made against the success factors. Teams and business units are contrasted; networks are charted; alternative approaches to peak performance and to outcomes are drawn.

Step Five

MAP presents empirically-based deliverables, including Solutions Report and Action Recommendations; Team Analyses; Internal Market Research. Optimum alignments are laid out. Ideal "A teams" of mutually reinforcing effectiveness are posited. Then comes Follow Through: Obstacles to alignment are identified and overcome.

MAP consultants then offer personal feedback to all participants in the engagement. We discuss the findings, review the insights acquired by the software, and open ourselves to Q&A. This degree of interaction is essential to assure that all client company participants in the engagement understand: (i) what the engagement accomplished, and (ii) how they benefit.

Ultimately, we enable the client company to keep applying MAP simulations after the engagement, steadily generating additional data points for the company's own experts to conduct "elite selection," to create "A teams," and to use for ongoing self-alignment as business requirements inescapably change. As a result of the project, we work closely with the top management to implement the findings and ensure the enterprise develop to the next level with successful executives delivering expectations.

Align to Execute