Global Financial Services - Digitalization

One of the world’s premier enterprises was already executing superbly, but its CEO understood digital transformation to be “the challenge of our era” and vital to improving customer service, brand value, and the bottom line. Moreover, his board was becoming increasingly alarmed at the prospect of being disintermediated in this sphere by Google, Amazon, et al.

MAP assisted with implementing fundamental change. We did so by both analyzing company-wide receptivity to the new Digital Agenda and by showing how the strong professional domain networks (i.e., procurement, sales, et al) within the enterprise could be turbocharged into “thinking communities” by applying MAP’s proprietary Next Gen social networking platforms.

Within two months, MAP delivered measurements on the BUs in Europe, AsiaPac, and the Americas. We forecasted the comparative speed and effectiveness with which each was likely to fulfill the Agenda. Moreover, all the BUs were poised to operate faster and more creatively because several hundred key personnel dispersed around the globe were able to think together, and to solve problems together, rather than to just share information.

Align to Execute