Global High-Tech Enterprise - New CEO

A new CEO quickly needed to grasp the qualities and synergies of his leadership team. Objectivity was required as was measurement. Skills were a given, but to what degree were his leaders aligned with his strategy, open to the changes he envisioned, receptive to his tempo of operations, and ready to execute? Not least, in the high-tech sphere, the CEO wanted inordinately creative people at the top. He asked MAP for analysis and recommendations.

The work took six weeks and was conducted efficiently in company headquarters. MAP focused on a leadership cadre of twenty. Findings showed a solid alignment with strategy. Moreover, these leaders possessed the creativity and flexibility to achieve the goals he was setting. Their “executive intelligences” were complementary. Nonetheless, MAP detected vulnerabilities.

The core issue was adversity to risk - to a degree that didn’t fit with similarly-sized and productive companies in this domain. MAP connected that finding to recent disappointments in product innovation. MAP also showed that such a level of caution would eventually undercut the rate of growth to which the CEO had committed. We demonstrated how a slight alteration of the team could also align this risk component with the CEO’s goals. Adjustments followed and targets were surpassed.

Align to Execute