Insurance - Merger

How can teams best be integrated when four companies merge to create a $40 billion entity operating in four different countries?

The different teams totaled 320 executives. We examined the bases of commitment, flexibility, initiative, and team-work within a significantly new framework. Most had impressive past performance. But what lay ahead when they faced new responsibilities, new colleagues, and, in fact, new regulatory environments? MAP's "alignment to execute" processes focused on the comparative potential of these teams from both entities, with special reference as to how well each would likely "fit" into newly defined roles.

Within 40 days, 43 executives were appointed to level 2 and level 3 positions. Within 90 days, 100 executives were appointed to level three positions. Within two years after the merger, the combined company had doubled its market share - much of the success attributed to an integration effort that was made more rapid, seamless, and fair than otherwise possible.

Align to Execute